Introduction to Permaculture in English

Permaculture is a lifestyle that adresses environmental and ethical issues of out time. Originating in the wisdom of indigenous people it joins traditional approaches with modern knowledge of ecology and technology.

You will learn

You will learn:

In this course we will go through permaculture ethics and principles, we will learn a specific mindset inherent to permaculture - observant creativity. We will learn how observation of natural patterns of water, fire, soil, animals and vegetation can help us to create a better and more ethical habitat for people.

In this short introductory course we will provide an overview of permaculture design - what are the main tools and what are the possibilities. Also we will see a practical example of a small city garden designed to provide many functions - growing food, relaxation and children's playground.

The course is designed to benefit anyone interested in permaculture, community and growing food.


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The course was cancelled

Basic information

Time: 18. 8. 2018 09:00 - 19. 8. 2018 15:00

Apply before: 31. 7. 2018

Type of course: IPC

Teachers: Denisa Tomášková, Eva Hauserová

Coordinator: Denisa Tomášková (contact )

Language: English

Accommodation: recommended on request

Food: recommended on request

Practical info:

Price: 2500 CZK (Price does not include food and accommodation. Deposit of 1000 Kč ensures your place at the course. Please enroll before 31.7.2018)

Deposit: 1000 CZK

Payable due: 31. 7. 2018

Venue: Praha 6

Capacity: max 10 participants

Content: 12 teaching hours

Other materials:

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